My top picks for baby registry

12 Aug

This is a list that was passed on to me when I was about to register.  Once I had Charlie, I made some changes and added some of my recommendations. Now I am paying it forward…

  • Tiny Love Mobile – people love this mobile. Sadly, it didn’t fit on our crib.
  • Mini Sleep sheep to attach to their car seats – We use a noise machine in Charlie’s room because it stays on all night. The mini sleep sheep is perfect for car seats. It stays on for up to 45 minutes and is a perfect way to get baby to sleep.
  • Swing – our My Little Lamb swing has saved our life. No joke. He slept in it for the first weeks and takes a nap in it every day.
  • Car seat swing – if you get a Graco car seat  I recommend the Graco Snuglider Swing. The seat simply snaps into the swing, which is great if you get home while they are still sleeping and need the motion to stay asleep.  It is also good when you know you are going to go out but they are about to go down for a nap. Just strap them in their seat and put them in the swing.  Speaking of car seats, I do not suggest getting the grago snugride 32.  There is no point. I don’t think we are going to keep Charlie in his car seat up to 32 lbs.  It just makes the whole thing too heavy.  I think the graco snugride 28 will save your arms.
  • Diaper Dekor (or something similar for smelly diapers).  Problem with Diaper Dekor is that you have to use their bags.  With other kinds, you can use tall kitchen bags.  Otherwise I am happy with the Diaper Dekor though.
  • Glider/Ottoman for feeding, etc. – I recommend one that reclines for when your little bean falls asleep on you.  Sometimes, you are just gonna want to take a nap too.
  • Exersaucer/Jumperoo (4 months+)
  • Itz Been – it’s a timer for feeding, diaper changes, naps, etc. – I love it.  That way, you don’t have to write everything down – especially in the middle of the night.  You will either love this or hate this. I am a control freak so I loved it at first then I felt like it was controlling me.
  • Bath Luv Frog – to cover baby with in the bath – only available at Babies R Us online. You could also just use washcloths.  You basically use this over their tummy to keep them warm and just keep rewetting it.
  • Bumbo and tray – Charlie is just starting to use this now.  Although not to freak you out but the occupational therapist said that these are horrible for their spine.
  • Bouncer seatwe did not get this and I regret it.  You can bounce with your foot or hand and it is great to keep them propped up after eating to help prevent spit ups.  If they do have refulx, it can even go in the crib.
  • Swaddle Me – we used these for swaddling – I love them!!  So much easier to deal with in the middle of the night than a real swaddle. When he got older and strong we cut a whole in the sack so his feet would not push off the swaddle.
  • Baby Bjorn Active, Ergo Baby and Moby wrap– we seriously used all of these.  Moby for the newborn stage but it can be overwhelming bc  it has 6 feet of fabric. The ergo is amazing because he will almost always fall asleep in it. It is great for some hands free time and it blocks out stimulation yet keeps him close. The Bjorn is great for us for when Charlie wants to face out and enjoy the world.  You can also face in with the Bjorn but Charlie doesn’t like to.
  • Luna lullaby pillow – great for nursing or if you just want extra support when giving a bottle.  It is also super comfy to sleep with.
  • Whoozit mini – just a fun little toy perfect color scheme for infants
  • Sophie – great teething toy.
  • Under the Nile burp cloths – these are the softest if you can find them.  We got them at an organic store by the Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks.
  • Comfort Silkie – these are breathable “lovies” that help the baby learn to sleep alone.  Get 2 or 3 of them in case one gets dirty.
  • We use pampers diapers – I really like them.
  • Daphne Bath Seat – I think this is the best bath tub ever invented.  We tried 5 different tubs.
  • Bottles – we tried every bottle under the sun.  I suggest buying one (or two) of each before committing to a brand.  Every baby has their preference and so does every parent.
  • Gerber Long-Sleeve Onesies with mits – These ar good when baby is little and could scratch his face.  Any other type of mittens fall off – don’t waste your money.
  • We have ABC mats for the floor – looks like puzzle pieces. Great to create a section of floor where you can always put down the lil one.
    • Here is another popular mat that isn’t so in your face
  • Bumper – we are using a “breathable bumper”.  We had a cute one at first but switched when he started moving all over the crib.
  • Video monitor – this thing saved us. We didn’t feel the need to always run in when Charlie was crying.  We could see that he was fine and just working something out in the monitor.  People will tell you not to waste your money but I 100% disagree that it is a waste. It just gives you piece of mind which is sometimes hard to come by as a new parent.
  • Dreft/Dreft Stain Remover – to wash baby’s clothes.  Regular detergent is too harsh for baby.
  • Bottle Warmer – we had a “Munchkin” one – hated it.  We just use hot water at this point.
  • Diaper bag – I love my skip hop diaper bag because it is like a purse. I can wear it out even when I don’t need it for a diaper bag.
  • Strollers – I am bad for advice on this one.  I have the Bob (great for jogging), the City Mini (super easy to fold and light) and the Uppa Baby (it has a bassinet and 5 reclining positions when the seat is attached).  I love them all for different reasons.
  • Rock n Play sleeper – Charlie slept in this for the first 4 months (well 2 – 4 bc we found it later).  It is also great to transport room to room or even to take to a friend’s house because it can fold down. We use it to hold him when we go in the shower.
  • Scissors, not nail clippers. Everyone I know has cut their baby’s skin with nail clippers.  Get the scissors that are curved. It makes cutting their nails so easy.
  • Car seat adapter – instead of a snap and go that you will only use the first 6 mos or so, you can buy an adapter for your stroller so that you can place the car seat on it.  I don’t know if the Uppa Baby has a car seat adaptor or not.
  • Changing table for upstairs and downstairs  – or you can use the couch or floor, but we like having a changing area in both places.
  • Winkle this toy is seriously all the rage. EVERY baby we know loves it.  For use at about 3 – 4 months.
  • Baby Flash Cards: Black and white and sometimes red for the baby to look at
  • Car seat toy – Charlie loves this now that he is older. We clip it on to everything to keep him entertained (chairs with arms, his changing table downstairs, his car seat, etc)
  • Munchkin Wipes Warmer – We tried the Munchkin and the Prince Lionheart warmers.  The Munchkin is much easier to use and doesn’t require upkeep.

I also highly recommend these books:  Happiest Baby on the Block , Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby, Sleep Easy Solution

I understand that products change all of the time and there may be new or improved versions of what I have included here once you see this list. These are just my opinions based on my experience. If you do not have a lot of space, many of these products are not a necessity. They are just nice to have.

Feel free to add to the list or comment on products you may or may not like from my list.

One Response to “My top picks for baby registry”

  1. Alison Krane February 5, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    I too have those same 3 strollers and love them all for different reasons. The Uppa does have a car seat attachment. I have the skip hop play mat and its amazing esp since we don’t have any carpet. Good recommendations

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