10 Nov

Yesterday Charlie woke up in great spirits singing songs and clapping his hands. It didn’t, however, take long for things to change. He woke up asking for food but when I gave him his breakfast he didn’t touch it. Even more peculiar, he didn’t drink his milk which he usually downs in less than a minute. Within the hour he started getting cranky. By 9am his eyes were glossed over, at half mass and he was burning up. I took his temp. It was 100 degrees. Minutes later he felt even hotter so I took his temp again. This time it was 103. Slightly moaning at this point, the poor guy asked for me to pick him up. The instant I did was the instant he fell asleep on me.

We basically spent the rest of the day like this…

Sleeping on mommy's growing belly. See how red his cheeks are? Poor guy!

Every four hours we gave him a Tylenol suppository (he wouldn’t eat or drink). His system was like clockwork… Fever of 103.5, take Tylenol, go down to 101, stay that way for 3 hours during which time he would want to play and then back to burning up and falling asleep until the Tylenol kicked in again.

Last night he slept relatively well considering his temperature and woke up this morning with 100.1. Much better than 103.5! After his first dose of Tylenol his fever went down and has stayed under 100 degrees since.*

Here he was this am playing despite his slight fever. Isn’t it amazing how resilient kids are? If I had a fever over 100 I would be holed up in bed and glued to the tv watching 90210 reruns and Real Housewives of Wherever marathons? Not playing and dancing…

 I apologize for the wrong orientation, this was the first video taken on my new iphone and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

We still have no idea what he was fighting off.  We are just happy he seems to be feeling better.

*As of 7:30pm his fever was back to 100.6 (despite a recent dose of Tylenol).  As much as it pains me that he has a fever, 100.6 is relatively nothing in baby land.  Hopefully he will wake up tomorrow morning feeling great and fever free.

2 Responses to “103.5”

  1. Jessica M. November 11, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Feel better Charlie!

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