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First Word?

4 Feb

Hmm, we are on the fence about whether or not this counts as Charlie’s first word.

Check out the video. Would you count it?

What was your baby’s first word?

Ear infections suck

2 Feb

On Janaury 3rd Charlie went to the doctor for his 9 month check up.  He left with a perfectly clean bill of health.  After our December to remember of illness we were so excited that he was finally in the clear.

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What Isn’t Glued Down: An update

1 Feb

A “What Isn’t Glued Down,” update:

Good news! Charlie passed the rocks! Yes, rocks.

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What Isn’t Glued Down

1 Feb

Everyday is an adventure with my son.  He is not a chill baby by any stretch of the imagination.  Even though our house is baby proofed, I find that I have to follow him wherever he goes or else he gets into trouble.  Our house has to be clean as a whistle. Inevitably, if there is something that shouldn’t go into Charlie’s mouth he will find it and eat it, no matter how gross or how small.  Some of his favorite things to put into his mouth are Sherman’s dog toys which he uses as teething toys,  Sherman’s  dog food, and the rocks from our fireplace floor.  We have been wondering how to deal with each of these issues.  Is there any other solution besides following him around the house like his shadow?

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The trick to administering antibiotics

29 Jan

Charlie loves Tylenol and Advil to a degree that somewhat worries me.  When he sees a bottle of Tylenol or Advil in my hand he waits patiently for me to twist off the lid. Once it is off  he excitedly opens his mouth for a dose of medicine.  Antibiotics, on the other hand, he does not accept with such grace.

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And now it’s bronchitis

28 Dec

This cold and flu season is kicking Charlie’s butt.😦

He started December with a cold.

Then he got Hand Foot Mouth Disease.

Now, he has a bronchial infection and is on the antibiotic Zithromax.

I feel so bad for him.  At this point, he has been sick 26 of 28 days in December.

One of three visits to the doctor in the month of December

Update: Hand Foot Mouth

14 Dec

I have heard that some babies are no worse for the wear when they get HFMD.  Charlie is not one of those babies.  He is miserable beyond words.

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