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Charlie’s 1st Haircut

25 Mar Charlie's 1st Haircut

I cannot believe the day finally arrived. Honestly, I didn’t know if our lil’ man was ever going to have enough hair to get a hair cut.

BUT, after 2 years and 14 days he finally had just enough crazy strands to get chopped.  We went to The Yellow Balloon in Studio City.

He went from looking like an unhappy, toddler version of a stunt double for Peter Boyle (notice the loose strands growing over his ears)…


to a handsome little boy…

Charlie's 1st Haircut

We got a certificate, a picture and an envelope of his first chopped locks as a part of their 1st Haircut Package.  I’d show you a picture, but I am too lazy to go downstairs, take a picture of and post the certificate.  Just imagine a really cute diploma with a spot for a polaroid and a spot for a small envelope.


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